The terms virtual restaurant and ghost kitchen are pretty common words in the hospitality industry these days. After all, with no additional overhead and using your already existing equipment and staff, it is a great idea for adding additional revenue to your restaurant’s bottom line. And it would be no surprise to see that many businesses and restaurants are taking their turn at the concept. So, what makes Meal Ticket Brands different and why should you choose Meal Ticket Brands as your virtual restaurant concept?

For Restauranteurs By Restauranteurs

First of all, hospitality is in our DNA. We’re hospitality driven restauranteurs and professional chefs working with other restauranteurs and professional chefs to boost revenue faster. If you want to learn more about Meal Ticket Brands, see the “Our Story” post.

Meal Ticket Brands virtual restaurant concepts have been tried and tested firsthand in our very own kitchens, restaurants and establishments over the last three years. We first launched them in our own restaurants to put them through a real-life, real restaurant experience. These brands continue to be profitable at the over 100 locations we currently have in place.

First-Class and Tested Brands

Our menus have been created by some of the best chefs in the industry and we stand behind these recipes and brands. Our brands offer a wide range of food choices such as wings, burgers, poke, poutine and desserts and are optimized for delivery. These concepts have been tested for market trends, popularity and ease of adding to your menu. Meal Ticket Brands restaurant concepts have been designed to complement your current operations so most of the ingredients you will already have on hand. Your kitchen is where Meal Ticket Brand concepts come to life!

Part of the Team

With a solid set virtual restaurant concepts under our belt, Meal Ticket Brands is now looking for Kitchen Partners. And not just any restaurant or kitchen will fit the bill. We are specifically on the hunt for established restauranteurs and professional operators to partner with us to introduce our latest curated brands to their community. The ideal partner will have additional capacity so that with Meal Ticket Brands as part of their roster, they can get to 100% capacity. We want to compliment your current operations, not overrun them.

When you partner with Meal Ticket Brands you become part of our team. We know our brands can be profitable and we will work with you to ensure your location(s) is as well. Plus, we will not inundate your community with multiple Meal Ticket Brands locations. We are just looking for one partner, per brand (or more than one brand – the more the merrier), per community. There is no point in competing with your own brands.

Meal Ticket Brands is not a one-size-fits all solution. We work with every partner to tailor a solution for each individual kitchen and have a low-friction recipe for success.

One-on-One Training

We take things personally at Meal Ticket Brands, so all training will be conducted in person. Forget about training videos or virtual training, we want to be right there with you in the kitchen, hands on and face to face, showing you exactly how things are done. We will also be there post launch, working with you along the way to ensure you are successful. All you have to do is focus on making great food. Meal Ticket Brand will handle everything else!

The process for becoming a Partner is simple and straightforward. Best of all – there is no additional overhead required on your part. Everything you need to know can be summed up in a few points below:

• We work with you to curate brands that are the right fit for your team and your kitchen

• Our team handles absolutely everything – a thorough program for menus, recipes, training, branding, marketing, promotions, technology

• Customers find you digitally where they place an order, your team prepares the food and hands it to the driver, that’s it

• Each brand is placed on multiple digital platforms • With each additional brand, you multiply your digital storefronts increasing your incremental revenue potential

That’s it!

Now this all might sound great, and you may be thinking – why don’t I just do this myself? Develop some brand and launch them on some delivery apps? You very well can do this, but speaking from personal experience, it is a lot of work and huge investment with no guarantee for success. By partnering with Meal Ticket Brands, we bring our battled-tested brands, substantial marketing firepower to increase visibility, hospitality-focused service to add new revenue channel with ease, faster and more profitable than doing it alone.

If Meal Ticket Brands sounds like your type of virtual restaurant partner – then we want to hear from you!