Our Story

Meal Ticket Brands is the next generation of virtual restaurants leveraging food delivery with the emergence of third-party delivery apps.

Positioned to be a leader in the global virtual restaurant space, Meal Ticket Brands is pushing to the forefront of hospitality pairing all the elements that make restaurants successful and curating them in one place for a direct-to-consumer delivery experience.

Our Team

Ryan Moreno
Andre Bourque
George Tachejian
Chief Operating Officer
Jason Apple
Director of Growth & Brand Development
Colin Burslem
Culinary Director
Andy Slinn
Executive Chef
Geoff Ward
Culinary Systems
Golnoush Ebrahimi-Asky
Graphic Designer


What is a ghost kitchen?
An established restaurant with no dine-in for guests. They operate on a delivery-only basis with no storefront; they literally are just a kitchen where orders are prepared and distributed from.

Where is the food coming from?
The food is prepared and packaged in the ghost kitchen which is also an established restaurant and distributed through a third party delivery platform.

What is a virtual restaurant?
A digital restaurant brand, which means the entire process — from ordering to payment — is online.

Why can’t I find you on my delivery app?
It’s possible that we haven’t yet opened in your region but we are working hard to bring on new kitchen partners every day.

Head Office

Meal Ticket Brands
5708 176 Street Surrey, BC V3S 4C8