Our Food

We provide a simple solution to boost your revenue using your current kitchen setup, with minimal impact on operations.

Cracked Up Breakfast Bowls – made with tater tot and scrambled eggs, topped with familiar breakfast flavours.

Not your parents mac & cheese coming from a box with a mystery packet. Ours is made with real cheese and comes with unique and delicious toppings.

The cheesiness of all cheesy goodness in a grilled cheese sandwich, not your grandma’s grilled cheese, that’s for sure!

Deep Dish Cookie Co. is preparing "baked to order" cookies, topped with your favourite treats ... so big you’ll need a fork and share with a friend.

Freshly baked brownies topped with unique combinations of flavors and textures. Perfect for sharing with friends and family!

Nonna Nina is sharing her love for home-made authentic Italian cheesy pasta. Baked to order and delivered to your door.

Our tender game is next level. All our meals start with crispy fried chicken tenders and are topped with the heroes of flavours and sauces and since hesitation is defeat you'll need to order them quick.

Our take on the traditional Hawaiian dish with fresh cuts of tuna and salmon and savory sauces to bring the bold flavours of poke to you.

A poke shop for the people – fresh fish, fluffy rice, Hawaiian inspired and West Coast created.

Bring Wings

Punk Dogs Hot Dogs are more than just a meal – they are an experience, and one best enjoyed in the presence of your favourite people.

Breaking all the rules and serving the FRSHEST fries on the block, Frsh Frys are the perfect late-night or anytime treat.

As proud Canadians, we respect the roots of the original poutine, while adding a bit of our own personality.

From cheesecakes to popcorn, all the sweets you need to satisfy a sweet tooth.

If you only have eyes for burgers and fries, then Bun + Burger is the answer.

Brought to you by a MasterChef Canada winning Chef, their aim for “epic,” and built on the love of food and experimenting with unique ingredients.

Piled high with seasoned meat, artisanal greens and fresh cheeses, Stak’d does sandwiches right.

The first rule of Sandwich Club is that you TALK about The Sandwich Club - the best kind of meal that can only be eaten with your hands.

You don’t have to be French, or fancy, to enjoy our macarons and delicious desserts.

The Canteen is a virtual food court brought to you by Meal Ticket Brands.

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