You may have tried one of the Meal Ticket Brand concepts and wondered why you can’t enjoy these meals in a dine-in restaurant. The reason is because Meal Ticket Brands are virtual restaurant concepts where the food is prepared in ghost kitchens.

What is a virtual restaurant? 

A virtual restaurant is a digital restaurant brand. This mean that the entire process, from ordering to payment, is completed online. A virtual restaurant has a full menu but exists exclusively online and is listed on food delivery apps, with no traditional “restaurant” space. All of the food is prepared in ghost kitchens.

So what is a ghost kitchen? 

Ghost kitchens are established restaurants and commercial kitchens with no dine-in space for guests. They operate on a take-out or delivery-only basis with no storefront. Ghost kitchens can be run by totally different companies than the one where their food is prepared. Some ghost kitchens operate out of a shared kitchen space with other delivery-only brands, while others operate out of a traditional restaurant space (usually under a different name) to offer delivery-only services under another brand. This allows these restaurant kitchens to leverage their existing equipment and staff to serve both dine-in and take-out guests and meet additional customer demand without adding overhead.

At the end of the day, you get great food concepts, developed by amazing chefs that is prepared from a professional kitchen and all delivered right to your door. What more could you ask for?