Meal Ticket Brands is the next generation of virtual restaurants originally founded and launched by The Joseph Richard Group (JRG) when they leveraged food delivery with the emergence of third-party delivery apps. JRG has been named one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in BC for the past few years and Meal Ticket Brands is the next chapter in their story. They have successfully, and rather quickly, expanded to over 20 locations across various brands. This includes multiple public houses and restaurants, a winery, four liquor stores, a hotel and more! Much of their success can be attributed to their roster of some of the best chefs in the industry, a drive to challenge the status quo, and a culture solely focused on the utmost in guest experiences inside their locations and out.

The first-class culinary team at JRG has initiated the menu development for Meal Ticket Brands and set the stage for an unforgettable take-out dining experience. They are pushing to the forefront of hospitality, pairing all the elements that make restaurants successful and curating them in one place for a direct-to-consumer delivery experience.

Originally launched in 2018 with 8 virtual restaurant brands, Meal Ticket Brands saw an opportunity to take advantage of the staff and equipment that was already available in underutilized kitchens. In turn, they created a solution to a problem that all restaurateurs face.

They rallied their culinary, marketing and operations teams to architect a delivery-focused menu that was on-trend and translated into the same spirit of quality as their restaurants. Along the way, they have created, tested, tweaked, failed, and got back up to prove that virtual restaurants are the way of the future. But what they did learn was to listen to their team, delivery drivers, customers and in turn, they got better!

Meal Ticket Brands has been through its share of learning, changing and developing along the way, and now boasts a portfolio of 16 different virtual restaurant brands and over 100 restaurants. And they are not done yet!

Meal Ticket Brands is positioned to be a leader in the global virtual restaurant space. Stay tuned as there is something is cooking…

Tastes change, trends emerge, flavours evolve. Meal Ticket Brands is committed to bringing guests the absolute best in culinary, virtually, wherever you are.