Meal Ticket Brands will now be available to the Vancouver area (including Yaletown, Strathcona, South Granville, Fairview, South Main) through a new strategic partnership.

Initially founded by the Joseph Richard Group, Meal Ticket Brands is a portfolio of virtual restaurant concepts  that operate out of pre-existing restaurant locations across the lower mainland. This new partnership will bring the Meal Ticket Brands offerings to a new area of the lower mainland and include several of the MTB menus, including Hana Poke, Obey Poke, Wingin It, and Bird N’ Hand.

Meal Ticket Brands virtual concepts are available  for pick-up or delivery from the Meal Ticket Brand website, as well as  through third-party delivery apps such as Skip the Dishes, DoorDash and Uber Eats. The brands will be hosted  and created by a kitchen partner with a long-standing history in Vancouver, and available to the areas surrounding False Creek, Vancouver area for the first time. 

“We’re very excited to be partnering Meal Ticket Brands with such a well-known and long-standing Vancouver establishment! After years of keeping the brand within our own locations, we’re looking forward to taking our virtual restaurant concepts into Vancouver and across Canada as we expand and partner with other restaurants.” Ryan Moreno, Co-Founder, Meal Ticket Brands.

Launched in 2019, Meal Ticket Brands boasts a portfolio of more than 100 virtual restaurants across the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Areas. Until recently, Meal Ticket Brands has used a combination of its own JRG restaurants and third-party delivery apps  to grow the brand. The strategic partnership with other restaurants demonstrates the next step in the expansion of Meal Ticket Brands and the potential opportunities for other restaurants looking to increase income. Meal Ticket Brands hosts a variety of concepts that can be brought to any location, kitchen, or venture.

Meal Ticket Brands is continuing to expand and will be looking to partner with other local restaurants and ventures. Interested restaurants and businesses can learn more about this partnership opportunity by contacting the Meal Ticket Brands team at