Our Story

Master Chicken

Brought to you by MasterChef Canada Winner Chef David Jorge and his aim for “Epic”. Chef Dave’s long-time love of food, ingredients, and dining experiences has led to the success of his famous “Master Chicken”. His love for experimenting with food and working with unique ingredients has allowed him to develop the best of the tried-tested-and-true. He’s incorporated his proprietary “Dream Seasoning” with an in-depth process to develop the ultimate fried chicken recipe. He has an uncanny ability to develop menu items that successfully speak to the masses, which led to a partnership with The Joseph Richard Group in the creation of S+L Kitchen & Bar and as Corporate Chef to all culinary ventures. Chef Dave has a passion for feeding people and creating unforgettable dining experiences for family and friends. He’s a dad, a husband, a cook, a music lover, a social media addict, terrable 😉 speller and the President of a successful concrete company.

“Pouring concrete and cooking have the same level of intensity, both need to be taken from their basic state and turned into something beautiful. The adrenaline rush to make that happen is unlike anything in the world.”